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How it Works

The unique ultra thin design provides just enough wrist support while you sleep to significantly reduce nighttime Carpal Tunnel pain symptoms from occurring.  NightWrest is Drug Free, Hypoallergenic, and Latex-Free.

Feel the Difference!

For the first time, you can have nighttime Carpal Tunnel pain relief without bulky, uncomfortable, and unsightly Velcro splints.

NightWrest is a disposable nighttime splint that you apply to the back of your hand to reduce wrist flexion. Wrist flexion can compress the median nerve causing the pain and numbness associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

As easy to use as a Band-Aid®.  Simply apply NightWrest before going to bed. The sheer design allows it to conform to your wrist and blend in with your skin, it’s nearly invisible! And NightWrest is so smooth and comfortable you will hardly know it’s on.

As you sleep NightWrest gently limits your natural tendency to bend (or flex) your wrist, while you sleep.  Wrist flexion is reduced by providing a gentle tug on the back of your hand.

The NightWrest patented design uses an an ultra thin, adhesive strip combined with a unique application method guarantees a good night’s sleep the first night.

In the morning gently remove the strip and throw it away. Apply a fresh strip the next night.

Click Here for complete instructions.

Medical research indicates that the reason your thumb, index and middle fingers go numb when you sleep is because we all tend to bend or flex our hands inward while we sleep. Extreme flexion of the wrist for more than a few minutes can causes compression of the median nerve, resulting in numbness or pain.

Rigid splints are usually recommended to reduce flexion. They tend to completely immobilize your wrist, restricting natural movement. This level of restricted movement is considered unnecessary to relieve nighttime Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

NightWrest is a sheer, self-adhesive disposable strip designed to gently limit wrist flexion thus allowing more natural movement while providing just enough wrist support.

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