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Ask your doctor or physical therapist a lot of questions. Will Ice help? how long should you ice, will heat help? what about exercise to relax the shoulder and neck area? Are you under a lot of stress? how can you reduce stress? Will ultra sound help? what about laser light therapy? Click here to for more information on CTS.

If you wake up at night with numbness in your thumb, index or middle fingers, that’s where NightWrest can help. Even if you are not feeling numbness during the day at night we all tend to "flex" or bend your hand down while sleeping. Flexing your hand down can cause the median nerve to compress and that makes your fingers feel numb.

NightWrest reduces nighttime flexion (it keeps your wrist from bending too much) so the median nerve doesn’t compress and you sleep through the night.

Why is NightWrest special?

Some splints can be used during the day to limit wrist movement but almost every one is bulky, hot to wear, and gets dirty quickly. While you might tolerate that in the day, at night, just wearing a splint can wake you up. It catches on the bedding, and it looks awful to your partner. NightWrest is thin, comfortable and nearly invisible when worn. You hardly know it’s on, and you sleep the whole night.

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