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Sara's Story

"My carpal tunnel syndrome was greatly aggravated by my pregnancy. I would have given anything to discover NightWrest during my pregnancy and when I was breastfeeding! I had to wear wrist braces 24/7 the last few months of work before my daughter was born, and the first couple of month's when I was breast feeding round the clock. Because of their stiff rough feel I had to remove the braces every time I fed or held my daughter. The drug free, hypoallergenic adhesive strips would have been easy to place before bed and leave on when feeding every 2 hours AND I could have prevented the sound of Velcro ripping through the night, wakening my husband and disturbing my daughter. If you have CTS, please try NightWrest and if pregnant, remember them for night time breastfeeding.

NightWrest Strips are good for your marriage - they are "embraceable" and much more comfortable to sleep in. No one wants to wear "body armor" to bed. As a working professional I would also recommend wearing NightWrest for important functions, presentations or meetings where wearing the traditional wrist braces would appear unsightly or draw undue attention. NightWrest provides an invaluable option - it is hard to feel you are expressing your best professionalism wearing double wrist braces at the podium, or on television!

These are so great I am recommending them to my now 17 year old daughter and her 18 year old boyfriend to help alleviate their own carpal syndrome from all their laptop use - and believe me appearance is everything for this age! The NightWrest strips offer an option they will be more likely to use."

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